Akane Tange (丹下 茜)
Name Akane Tange (丹下 茜)
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Red
Eye Color Purple
Voice Actor Kozue Hirashima (Japanese)
Michelle Rojas (English)
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
First (Manga) Chapter 01
First (Anime) Episode 01

Akane Tange (丹下 茜 Tange Akane) is a high-school student and class mate of Ichiko.


She has long dark red hair with her bangs styled into one side with two small hairpins.


One of Ichiko's classmates. She loathes Ichiko just like the other girls, except Ranmaru. She is always seen with her two friends. It is hinted that she cares about her appearance. She is the one who nicknamed Ichiko "Tittyko".



  • Ichiko Sakura - Akane loathes Ichiko because of jealousy and is therefore always ready to start rumors behind her back.
  • Rindou Ranmaru- As Ranmaru had saved Akane Tengo and her friends lives, letting them escaped during the wreckage. Akane had begun to admire Ranmaru to the point it may be more than simple friendship, even confessing that she had admired Ranmaru, who in return oblivious thinks that Akane wanted to train with her.




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