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Ichiko Sakura (桜 市子)
1000px-Binbougami ga 01 Ichiko Sakura
Name Ichiko Sakura (桜 市子)
Age 16
Gender Female
Height 157 cm (5'2")
Weight 48 kg (106 lb)
B-W-H 96-60-85
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Cyan
Voice Actor Kana Hanazawa (Japanese)
Brina Palencia (English)
Personal Status
Occupation High School Student
First (Manga) Chapter 01
First (Anime) Episode 01
Last (Anime) Episode 13

Ichiko Sakura (桜 市子 Sakura Ichiko) is a high-school student with a inherent trait of being extremely lucky who is the main protagonist of the series. She is the reincarnation of Kanna, a girl with abundant Fortune Energy who traveled the land centuries ago helping those in need.


Due to the high amount of fortune energy she possesses, Ichiko has been gifted with incredible beauty, brains, and vitality. Ichiko Sakura is a beautiful young teenage girl of average height, with pale skin, green eyes and notably gray hair. She has very large breasts, something she is quite proud of, and tends to often use them to mock Momiji due to the Misfortune God's comparably flat chest. Due to her gorgeous appearance and bountiful assets, she is quite popular in school among the male population, while the majority of the female student despise her for garnering all of the attention.

She is normally seen wearing a school uniform consisting of a white and light blue short-sleeved shirt, a brown vest, a red bow tie, a short blue checker-pattern skirt, knee-high black socks, and brown shoes.


At the start of the series, Ichiko is noticeably self-absorbed and uncaring towards those around her with the sole exception of her butler, Kikunoshin Suwano. Due to unfortunate experiences with a friend in the past, she remained emotionally distant from others, having built up a metaphorical wall around herself so that she would not experience that same emotional trauma again. These events fostered a strong refusal in her to accept the value of friendship and emotional bonds to the point where she would spurn all attempts by others to get closer to her, even using the affections of her male admirers to gain favors from them without giving anything in return. Since her fortune levels were so unnaturally high, she unknowingly began absorbing luck from others, causing misfortune to others. Even after being made aware of this fact, she remains unconcerned for the well-being of those around her. Despite her initially cold nature, Suwano had faith in her inner kindness and hoped that she would one day open up her heart to others, something which she slowly accomplishes as the series progresses.

Beneath her sweet exterior and good looks hides a fierce personality which she usually tries to conceal in public. As such, Ichiko possesses a remarkable temperament and an inherent mean streak, often causing her to react violently towards those unfortunate enough to anger her. Using a magical item given to her by Bobby known as the Somin Shōrai, Ichiko can manifest her fortune energy into stuffed animal-like versions of the Chinese Zodiac. When extracted from her body, Ichiko's fortune energy can be given to others who are in great danger in order to help them. Despite the cute appearance of her familiars, the creatures are strong in combat, able to overwhelm even deities in direct combat. Momiji notes that the explosive power hidden behind an innocent facade is largely a representation of Ichiko's peronality.

Over time, Ichiko Sakura slowly begins to trust people as she spends time with and learns to empathize with others. This is first seen after her "fight" with transfer student, Ranmaru Rindou. Despite the initial dislike that sparks between the two girls, Ichiko begins to take an interest in her tomboyish nature and family life. After seeing Ranmaru's father admonish his daughter for buying girlish clothing instead of furthering her martial arts training, Ichiko stands up to him for being so strict, gaining a degree of honest respect from the Rindou family. Although she denies this act as a sign of caring for others, she finally accepts Ranmaru as a friend when the latter risks her own life to save Ichiko.

Following this event, Ichiko opens up more and begins establishing bonds with other people, her cold exterior slowly melting away as she undergoes more adventures alongside her newfound friends. Over time she opens up to Momiji Binboda as well, eventually realizing that the Misfortune God's interference had actually improved the quality of her life by opening up her heart to others.

Ichiko's homemaking skills are minimal due to having been cared for by Suwano her entire life. As such, she has a habit of leaving her garbage lying around the house and hiring cleaning services to clean her house. She is notoriously bad cook, her attempts to prepare food leaving her kitchen in shambles, while the resulting dishes are inedible even to deities.


Having been raised by Suwano in lieu of her perpetually absent parents, Ichiko developed a deep affection for her loyal guardian that surpassed that of what she felt towards her mother and father.

She grew up in a sheltered environment and was originally a shy and lonely child until a girl named Kurumi befriended her. The two quickly became best friends, but things changed for her one fateful Valentines' Day in grade school. Before exchanging chocolates, Kurumi asked her to whom she was giving hers to. Ichiko planned on presenting hers to Yuusuke, who was supposedly the nicest boy in their school, but the situation escalated when Kurumi mentioned that she also liked Yuusuke. On Valentines' Day, Yuusuke gave his chocolate and a special gift to Ichiko, showing that he returned her feelings. Annoyed by this sudden turn of events, Kurumi instead demanded the beret from her friend. When Ichiko refused to hand it over, Kurumi threatened to confess to Yuusuke about her true feelings.

Although Ichiko finally gave up her gift to preserve their friendship, Kurumi still confessed to Yuusuke. He admitted to liking Ichiko, but Kurumi lied and told him that Ichiko gave the gift to her because she did not care about his affections, causing him to coldly ignore Ichiko out of scorn. Having overhead Kurumi talking about the lie behind her back, Ichiko ran home with a broken heart and scars of betrayal, her only source of comfort being that of her butler, Suwano. The next day, Kurumi apologized to Ichiko and returned the gift, but Ichiko refused to forgive her. These events caused Ichiko to develop a jaded view towards other people in order to protect herself and avoid being betrayed again.

Despite her rather unfortunate emotional issues, Ichiko was born blessed with a large amount of fortune energy, granting her beauty, brains, and good health in addition to her family's impressive wealth. Over the years she gained many male admirers while being disliked by other girls, but she largely distanced herself from everyone, and thought little of making friends.


The story begins when Ichiko is approached by the Misfortune God, Momiji Binboda, who was sent from the heavens in order to neutralize her abundance of happiness energy.


  • Momiji Binboda - Ichiko hated her when they first met, but she didn't realize that Momiji's actions are saving her and others. Despite being bitter enemies and opposites, Ichiko and Momiji influenced each other as they begin to change slowly. Although they are antagonistic towards each other for most of the time, they have been also shown to be quite friendly with each other, especially in Episode 07. In the manga they make a special bond and became good friends, and it's hard to part ways when the time come. It could be considered their relationship as "frenemies".
  • Kikunoshin Suwano - He is Ichiko's butler who took care of her during childhood. Even though Ichiko has no friends, she loves her butler for being there at her side. She loves to read his postcards.
  • Keita Tsuwabuki - At first, Ichiko tries to make Keita her boyfriend to get people to be jealous of her. When she meets Keita's family and sees how he refuses to be dependent on her money, Ichiko learns what she has been missing in her life: A family. This epiphany comes in when Momiji shrinks Ichiko back to a little girl. As she lives with Keita's family, she sees how happy Keita is with his siblings. She truly falls in love with him, she confesses in the manga and they are now a couple. 
  • Ranmaru Rindou - Ichiko and Ranmaru didn't get along at first, until she asked her to help her act like a feminine woman. When Ichiko finds out that Ranmaru's father did not allow his daughter to be feminine, she challenges him. Just when Ichiko is about to defeat him, Ranmaru jumps in and blocks her blow. This event helps improve the girls' relationships with each other. When a jealous classmate captures Ichiko and has some guys beat her up, Ranmaru intervenes to help her. When the building is about to fall on Ranmaru, Ichiko saves her instead. Ranmaru asks her about her story, and Ichiko finally reveals her tragic story about a friend who betrayed her. From that point, the two of them become good friends.


  • Ichiko is very athletic and capable of holding very heavy objects.
  • She possesses a Soumin Shourai that was given by Bobby to summon an army of the tweleve zodiac spirits.
  • Her headphones, shown on multiple occasions, are Beyerdynamic T5p


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