Kazuma Sakura
Age 39(first appearance) 40(final appearance)
Gender Male
Height 181 cm
Weight 75 kg
Hair Color Grey
Eye Color Hazel
Personal Status
Occupation Singer
First (Manga) chapter 42
Last (Manga) chapter 73

Kazuma Sakura is Ichiko's father and husband of Shiori.


(to be added)


Kazuma is the lead member of the band "Wild Horses". He has been away touring with his band in america, and returns in chapter 42. He is originally from Butsumetsu City. Despite how young he looks, he is almost fourty years old. His only wish is for Ichiko is to accept him as a father.
Kazuma and Shiori are immune to Ichiko's luck draining powers because of a pair of special pendants from the god realm called "Keystones" that were given to them when their daughter was born.





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