Kuroyuri (黒百合)
Binbougami ga! 09 Kuroyuri 1
Name Kuroyuri (黒百合)
Gender Female
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Voice Actor Ryōko Shiraishi (Japanese)
Morgan Garrett (English)
Personal Status
Occupation God of Misfortune
First (Manga) Chapter 19
First (Anime) Episode 09

Kuroyuri (黒百合 Kuroyori) is a God of Misfortune and a colleague of Momiji.


Kuroyuri is a maid in a white and green outfit. Interestingly, both Momiji and Kuroyuri have casts on their limbs. Kuroyuri has cast on her left foot while Momiji has it on her right arm.


Koroyuri came to the Human World to do Momiji's duty so that she can have Yamabuki's affection. She was blown up by Ichiko's horrible cooking and sent back to the god realm in her first appearance.


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