Ryuuta Tsuwabuki (石蕗 龍汰)
Name Ryuuta Tsuwabuki (石蕗 龍汰)
Gender Male
Height 141m
Weight 31kg
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Voice Actor Asami Shimoda (Japanese)
Ryan Reynold (English)
Personal Status
Relatives Rika Tsuwabuki (Sister)
Keita Tsuwabuki (Brother)
Mika Tsuwabuki (Sister)
Sorata Tsuwabuki (Brother)

Ryuuta Tsuwabuki is the younger brother of Keita.


Ryuta Tsuwabuki is a young boy with brown eyes and black hair.


Ryuta is very energetic and cares about his siblings a lot. He lives with his brother Keita, Rika, Mika and Sorata. His dream is to play soccer but his family does not have enough money for the fee.


  • He usually gets Ichiko's name wrong by calling her Titchiko.[citation needed]



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